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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Since becoming vegetarian, delis have become a source of pure heartache. While I enjoy the plant-based life, my mouth has known the exquisite pleasures of a Reuben.

Still, I can't stay away. I sit at deli counters filling myself with latkes and dill pickles trying to imagine all the cows that went on to live full, cud-munching lives instead of becoming corned beef.

It was with this martyred mindset that I found myself at the newest of the Boston delis, Our Fathers.

Very spacious and very retro. The whole place looks like a set from "Mad Men", minus the heavy clouds of cigarette smoke and misogyny.

I love these spiky wall sculptures. They look like a run in your stockings, but make me feel like I'm in my grandma's den.

What my grandma's den did not have was a walk-up outdoor bar! I know it's October and drinking-outside-season is pretty much over, but this place will be hopping as soon it gets above 65 again.

Speaking of drinking, let's take a look at the very extensive cocktail menu. In case you can't read the tiny blurry print, gin features very heavily here.

Maybe that's because Our Fathers has an absolutely ridiculous selection of gins. Did you know they made gin in Asia? Now you do.

To be honest, I was a little overwhelmed with choices so I ordered the Nina Simone, because I like her music and felt like that meant I would like her cocktail. I'm not sure what I expected the Nina Simone cocktail to look like, but it certainly wasn't this:

This is so pink and frilly and pretty it looks more like a Katy Perry than a Nina Simone. Those flowers are frozen into the ice cube! Come on!

Food time. What I wanted was a latke, but for you dear readers I bravely stepped outside my comfort zone. I know, you're welcome.

Allow me to introduce you to Our Father's whipped ricotta with Markouk Bread, radishes, za'atar and basil cream.

What is Marouk bread? I didn't know when I ordered this, and I'm still not sure now. What I do know is that it is warm and soft and chewy and I want to wrap myself up in it to sleep away the cold winter months. The light ricotta cream, basil and radishes balanced this all out for a perfectly delightful snack. If they just kept bringing out plate after plate of this, I would have been happy.

They did keep bringing out plates, but not of my newly beloved Marouk bread. The next dish to grace our table was a Brik.

The best part about this dish was that even though the menu clearly states there's an egg in here, I forgot all about it and was delighted when my fork struck unexpected yolk gold.

Hell yeah.

I had and still have no idea what a Brik is, but if they're all filled with potato, preserved lemon and gooey, sexy, runny egg like this one is, then the latke has a serious rival.

Now that I'm full of potatoes and carbs, let's move onto the main course!

Falafel, baby! You're looking at a homemade pita, hummus, feta, labne tzatziki and an obligatory salad! As far as falafels go, this was fine. Crunchy, very filling, and dry enough that it gave me an excuse to order another glass of wine.

At this point, I'm full. There's no need for more food. But do we want to look at the dessert menu? Well, let's just see what they have. For research.

Yea, right. Like I'm not gonna order cheesecake and halvah! It says right there on the menu that their halvah is "the best in the world"!

Was this too much food? Yes. Do I regret anything? Fuck no. While the cheesecake could have used a little more cherry compote, the graham cracker crust was the stuff of dreams. And the halvah? I don't know if it's the best in the world but I'm willing to believe them. Some advice? This halvah plate looks small but it has the density of a dying sun and is richer than Scrooge McDuck. This is not meant for one person to consume, it needs a coordinated Seal Team 6-level effort.

The Good

- Prices were do-able. The most expensive thing we ordered was the falafel, which came in at $12.

- We asked the waitress if the Brik was vegetarian, and she said she didn't know but she would "make sure it was". So that was nice.

- This place is different. Asian gin! Walk up bar! Flowers frozen in ice cubes! Endless possibilities for good times.

The Bad

- If you don't want to eat meat but do want to order an entree, Our Fathers has two options for you: Egg salad or their dry-ass falafel. Woo hoo...

- Did I mention the falafel was dry?

Parting shot? I like Our Fathers. If you want deli food but don't want to wait 2 hours for a table at Zaftigs or trek to Kendall, then check this place out. Meet me there when the weather gets warmer, and we can work our way through their gin menu together.


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