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While I have been eating at Lone Star Taco Bar for years, I put off writing a review about it for the longest time. Why, you ask? I'll tell you.

I put off writing about Lone Star Taco Bar because I love it so fucking much.

What if this restaurant that is near and dear to my heart and also a convenient walking distance from my apartment didn't hold up under the harsh Vocal Veggie gaze? What if I took a hard, honest look at their menu and was disappointed with what I found? Would I ever be able to return?

Obviously, yes. But you understand the sentiment. I probably would have put it off for longer, but I needed something to post here and desperate times call for desperate measures. So here you go.

There are two Lone Star Taco Bars; one in Allston and one in Cambridge. I always go to the one in Cambridge because it's bigger and I'm too lazy to take a bus to Allston.

Let's kick this off with a complaint; Lone Star Taco Bar is too damn small and gets too damn crowded. Seating is first-come-first-serve and no table can fit more than 5 people. The Cambridge location has outdoor seating during the warmer months, but it's still not for the claustrophobic diner.

Now that that's out of the way, let's move onto more positive things like cocktails. Yes, Lone Star has your typical beer and wine offerings but why would you order that when you have these to choose from...

Oh, you can't read my shitty blurry picture? Weird. Don't worry, I am more than happy to describe the for you. Specifically the Rosita and the Oaxacan Old Fashioned.

The Rosita; blanco tequila, Aperol, sweet and dry Vermouth and mole bitters. Looks cute and sweet but is surprisingly tart and goes down far too easily. This would be a great place for a joke about how that's also a description of me on a Friday night but my parents read this.

And anyways, I want to tell you about the Oaxacan Old Fashioned. Be still my heart, I love this drink. Resposado tequila, mezcal, agave and mole bitters. Mmm, smokey deliciousness.

Onto food! If the name didn't make it obvious, this is a taco place. You won't get free chips and salsa but don't get upset! Less chips means more room for things like grilled street corn.

I mean, look at that! Still thinking about free chips?

I said this in my post about The Automatic and I stand by it; Lone Star Taco Bar makes the best grilled street corn I have ever had. Cotija, cilantro, garlic lime aioli with a side of charred lime oh my god. The main issue with this is that there's 3 pieces and there should be infinite.

Let's talk tacos.

Lone Star has a small and unchanging menu and out of their 7 varieties of taco only 1 is vegetarian. Fine, we'll count it as 2 since you have the option of "grilled avocado with griddled queso or braised tofu.

Since we love braised tofu, grilled avocado and queso, we ordered one of each.

What is there to say, these were both delicious. However, if I had to choose one I would go with the queso. Getting tofu crunchy is a pain in the ass but the texture is so much better! The soft taco with the soft avocado made for a very squishy taco.

The eating doesn't stop here. Oh no. We're only half way done.

That's right, Lone Star was offering not one but two vegetarian specials that night. On your left we have the roasted cauliflower taco with arugula, pine nut romesco, queso fresco and a beet tortilla. On your right you've got a mushroom and rajas taco with black beans, corn, queso fresco, crema and salsa quemada

These were both very tasty and very messy. I mean, look at the mushroom taco. It's basically mushroom soup on a tortilla.

Now, after all this we're obviously stuffed. There's no more room. Stick a fork in us, we're done. But hey, we're here, we've got a little time, we might as well ask about their desserts. Just out of curiosity.

"Hey, do you guys have dessert?"

"We're only offering one dessert tonight. Churro rice krispie treats with Mexican chocolate"

"...Holy shit."

How could we not?! Man, these were good. Sweet enough to scratch that itch but not enough to make your teeth hurt. A+, 10/10, good job Lone Star.

So there you have it. A sampling of some of the veggie-friendly offerings Lone Star Taco Bar has. We did our best, but we weren't able to make room for their Ensalata de Temporado, Refried Bean Tostada or their Huevos Rancheros.

Out of 16 entree meals Lone Star offers, 5 of them are vegetarian. 7, if you count the two specials of the night, but those aren't always a guarantee. So it looks like, as per usual, my fears and neurosis were for naught! Good on you, Lone Star!

I raise a grilled street corn in your honor!


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