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New Year, New Food, New Opinions!

Hello, world!

Welcome to my first blog post on my first blog!

If you're reading this, it means you get to follow Vocal Veggie from day one of her journey to discover the best vegetarian food Boston (and beyond!) has to offer.

I am a vegetarian, which means I do not eat beef, chicken, fish or pork. I could get into the reasons why I chose this diet, but that's neither interesting nor the point of this blog.

The reason for this blog's existence is to give a shout-out to the restaurants and eateries who do a bomb job catering to the non-meat-eating community. My goal is to make this a resource for people who don't like meat, but still want to eat good food in good restaurants. Simple! Like me!

So hello, hi and welcome! I'm happy you're here.


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